The Holy Trinity and the George Floyd Protests

The Holy Trinity is the central truth of the Catholic Church and the singular truth that distinguished Christianity for all other religions.

We profess this mysterious truth every time we pray, “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”  We offer all our prayers in the mystery of the Trinity. Our Profession of Faith that we pray at Mass states our beliefs in the Father, In the Son- Jesus and in the Holy Spirit.

We are enveloped as Christians in the love shared among the Father, Son and Spirit. We could spend time and energy dissecting the mystery and not come any closer to cracking the code of how the Trinity works, or we could avoid that intellectual distraction and focus on what the Trinity teaches us about God and love.

Scripture tells us clearly that God is love. Jesus reveals the Father and the Spirit. So fully divine Father, fully divine Son, and fully divine Spirit is love.

The community of the Trinity is love. The three divine persons of the one God are united in and through love.

So, what can we learn on a practical level?

The human family, made in the image of God is built to live in community and to love in community, without exception.  But we seem to stray from that model when we allow factions to develop, when the human family is dived against itself, when the human family is segmented by race which has been demonstrated on our city streets and across our nation.

We might think and even say aloud, “I’m not racist” but we all develop and retain bias, pre-judgements (prejudice), and stereotypes. We have these, but most of the time we do not realize that we do and we operate on unchallenged preconceptions. This is the covert racism that we much bring to the light.

Institutional racism, can and has been legislated, but we cannot legislate away the hidden biases that prevent us from loving universally as the Trinity teaches us.

We want to look outside of ourselves and be distracted by looting and rioting thugs, or by the mass gatherings and the impact of spreading COVID-19, or of potential loss of personal property, or fear and anxiety, rather than focusing on the genuine issues at hand, and seeing what resonates in our hearts.

In our own families sometimes things get heated, and loud when one does not feel heard and respected, in conference rooms and on work teams there are disagreements and arguments to be resolved, and so too it is within the human family. People gather and protest and argue and shout and scream if they do not feel heard, valued, and accepted.  

There are many justice definitions floating around which are based on transactions- you do this- you get that- but in Catholic Social Teaching justice is present when all get their due because they are children of God.  We have a shared God-given human dignity flowing from our Creator.

For a moment, think about what you deserve?

Do you deserve a safe place to live and protection for the elements?

Do you deserve to eat on a regular basis?

Do you deserve the opportunity to work and support your loved ones comfortably?

If I think I deserve these things, and I do- with so much more- then what is good for me is good for all others because we share a God-given human dignity.

Look around… do you see all others having what they are due? Do all others enjoy even the most basic elements of human dignity, not given through others magnanimity, but afforded because it is theirs, guaranteed by their creator?

The love of the Holy Trinity teaches that we are of the community of the human family…how are your sisters and brothers doing?  What are you doing to help them- to hear them?

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