Rendering a just decision

29th Sunday

One could be distracted by the judge in this Gospel story but he is not the primary person of interest here. The widow who persists in her petition has the qualities worth emulating.

All the widow is seeking is a JUST decision and the bad judge is withholding from her that just decision. She is not asking for anything exorbitant or anything beyond what she is due. She only asks for a just decision.

Contrasting the bad judge’s delay at delivering justice for the widow the Good Judge (God) swiftly provides justice for those who petition.

Being persistent in the pursuit of justice is a prayer answered speedily.

Early in his pontificate Pope Francis said “The Lord never tires of forgiving. It is we who tire of asking for forgiveness.”

We could paraphrase Pope Francis today and with equal accuracy, “The Lord never tires of listening to our prayers, it is we who tire of praying.”

We do not pray to inform God-God knows all-we pray to inform ourselves.


Do you pray often? Are you persistent like the widow in the Gospel?

What gets in you way for praying regularly? Why do you loose interest in praying?

For what do you pray? Do you imagine a glorified vending machine with prayers as the coins in the slots and your desired things as the reward that drops to the tray?

Are you praying for justice?

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