So you do know my name!

Homeless Jesus Sculpture

26th Sunday. Readings

In the Gospel reading for the 26th Sunday we hear of the rich man and the poor man Lazarus-lying at the rich man’s doorstep. The poor wan was hungry and destitute and covered with sores that the dogs came and licked. Only the dogs offered this poor man any comfort as the rich man ignored him, never spoke to him, and probably thought it was right for this dog to associate with his own kind—other dogs. The rich man did not see a human being he just saw Lazarus as another dog.

When both men died the poor man went to the”bosom of Abraham” while the rich man went o the netherworld where he was in torment. The rich man calls out to Abraham with instruction for Lazarus. In death the rich man calls Lazarus by name…which he never did in life. He knew Lazarus’s name in life but seems to have intentionally ignored him and not acknowledge him. His intentional sin of omission warrants eternal torment.


Who in your life do your ignore?

What humans do you consider “less than human?” Think race, religion, gender, social, financial and political orientation.

Actively ignoring and discounting another human say more about you then about them. What are you saying by your behavior, prejudice, indifference?

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