You Know What You Know

Holy Trinity Scripture:

Do you think that you have all the answers? Do you think that your supposed to have all the answers?

Have you watched some popular game shows where a contestant runs the board because he/she knows all the answers…at least to the questions asked?

Have you played any trivia games with someone who just runs away with the game because of some store house of knowledge?

These game winners seem to know it all, but they really don’t. They certainly may and probably do know more that I do (which generally isn’t too difficult) but they absolutely do not know everything.  

We know what we know and there is a vast universe of things we do not know. 

Today’s scripture calls the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth who will guide you to all truth. So if we need to be guided to truth we clearly do not have it all down.

Jesus tells us, “I have much more to tell you, but you cannot bear it now.”
Things come about in our life that we do not know about, cannot understand or figure out. All part of the friendly service of life.  

We live mostly in a world of the unknown but frequently try to manufacture a posture of self assurance and control so as to save face in a world that judges harshly.

We do not have all the answers but the Holy Spirit can teach us the truth, if we are good students.

—Do you think you have all the answer, or that you are “supposed” to?

—Do operate in your comfort zone of knowledge and experience to avoid putting out into the deep and unknown? Are you afraid? If so, of what?

—Do you spend as much time listening as you do talking?

—Are you patient with God’s unfolding in your life? 

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