Passing the Baton

Ascension of the Lord

Is one’s important work ever really finished? Not that I know of.

Generally our time together runs out but our work continues and we pass on to others the work that remains.

Much like a relay race, when one leg of the race is completed, the baton is passed to the next runner. In essence, the Ascension is similar to the relay race with the Apostles running the next leg of what Jesus has begun.

Today the baton is passed to the Apostles and throughout history the baton, the work of Jesus, has been passed from one generation to the next up to this very day. We need not be too concerned what the Apostles did with the baton or how others throughout history-and in the present times- have dropped the baton during the critical handoff, but we do need to be concerned that we have a firm grip on the baton and are moving it forward.

The two men in white mentioned in Acts 1 ask the men of Galilee, “why are you standing there looking at the sky?” Which, I believe, is a nice way of saying “Get your head out of the clouds and get to work.” 

✅What unique work has Jesus placed in you hands?

✅Have you grasped firmly on this mission?

✅Is your head stuck in the clouds? If so, look down and look around you have work to do?

✅What is the next right step in the relay leg you are running? Are you willing to take it?

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