Gentle Reminders

6th Sunday Easter

Can you recall everything from conversations you have had with someone over their lifetime?Unless you are blessed or cursed with an eidetic or “photographic”memory (since I do not have one I’m not sure which it is), you probably don’t have perfect recall.

Do eye witnesses to the same event tell the same story, recall the same specifics, agree totally on what they saw and heard? Doesn’t every police/lawyer drama on tv count on wildly variable witness recalls to boost ratings?

When you take an exam, does everything rush back during the testing period (ask those who do not get a 100%), or when asked a question “out of the blue” by your boss, spouse, or a friend can you quickly fill in the blanks, or do a few blanks remain? Is “let me think about that for a minute” a frequent response. (With age you will become more comfortable with the line!)

So from time to time we need reminders to bring things back into focus.
Jesus tells us today in the Gospel that one of the Holy Spirit’s roles is giving us gentle reminders of the things that Jesus did and said. He says “the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything and remind you of all that I told you.”

Teaching and reminding is what a good friend does. Gentle reminders are a gift of love. The Spirit shows us how to apply what Jesus taught in today’s times and in our lives. Contemporary application of Jesus’ words can be confusing and difficult if left on our own.


The Spirit teaches, but are you a good student?

Do you ask the teacher for help when you do not understand?

Do you read the material?

Do you go for tutoring?

Do you do your homework?

Can you apply the material covered?

If you were a high school or college student struggling with content and application this would be a few steps you could take to develop mastery. If you are a parent of a student at any grade level wouldn’t you give the same advice to your struggling child?

Your loving Father, who knows of our struggles, sends the tutor… the tutorial awaits you… avail yourself of the h

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