Fishing, Feeding, Following

Read this Gospel passage


Seems like the boys were overwhelmed with all that had happened and needed to return to a sure thing-fishing. After all they had previously earned their living as professional fishermen.  It seems that they have lost their touch and fished all night without catching anything. At this rate they would not only be hungry, but also broke. They were incapable of being successful fishermen any longer.
The guy on the beach, a non fisherman, simply suggested one more cast and the catch was most abundant. The professionals, in the boat, seemed to miss the presence of the great catch, but the man on the shore directed them and they responded. 
What is it you think you can do without the help of Jesus?

How long will it take you to realize that you can’t?


Jesus asks Peter repeatedly “Do you love me” and Peter responds affirmatively each time. Peter denied Jesus three time and Jesus asks three times in this Gospel passage. For each denial Jesus offers the opportunity for restitution. 
With each affirmation Jesus tells Peter to feed and tend his sheep. An affirmation of love is met with an actin of love. Talk is often just talk but Jesus wants our talk to have corresponding action.

How many rejections and denials do you offer?

 Do you realize that Jesus asks you “Do you love me” for each rejection?

What action is Jesus asking of you?

What talk of yours, is just talk?


Jesus reminds Peter that growing old isn’t for wimps, especially if one grows old following Jesus. Rejection, violence, abandonment, hostility, indifference can be how the world responds to the message of Jesus and the bearers of his message. But nonetheless, even with his fate outlined by Jesus, Peter accept Jesus’ invitation, “follow me.”

Do you know that you have already been invited by Jesus to follow?

How do you follow Jesus daily?

Do you follow Jesus closely enough to experience any pushback from others?

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